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Video projection systems which will keep your congregation informed about what your church is doing and providing them with the information about your ministry. Used for lyrics to hymns or showing videos, our projection systems will meet the needs of any church. Sanctified Systems has the Sanyo and Panasonic projectors brands available for your church. These professional projector lines are of the highest quality, ensuring spectacular high resolution graphics for any video, picture or other imagery displayed for your churches congregation.


Sanctified Systems carries Draper Screens. Whether you need a wall mounted, ceiling mounted, ceiling recessed, tab-tensioned or non-tab tensioned, Draper has the right screen for your application. Combine the perfect screen with the perfect control option and you have a quality product that delivers quality and performance.


The Sanyo andWe will design and install a video projection system for any size church. Panasonic projectors brings an inspiring  dimension to your worship services and related programs with multimedia. This means projectors that are extremely affordable, easy to use,  and configured to just about any type of interior environment that your may have.

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Video projection systems will add a new dimension to your worship service. Sanctified Systems has the video projection systems that will deliver the clarity your church desires. Sanctified Systems will deliver and install a video projection system for your church that will be easy to operate and that will have a visual impact on your congregation. 

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Chief mounts are our choice when hanging your church projector system. Secure, Stable, and Study. What you want in a projector mount. Chief mounts have designed projector mounts for any application your church may have.

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Contact Sanctified Systems today at 719-466-1478 for the projection systems your church desires. Speak to one of our technicians so you can receive the information about installing a projection system in your church.

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